July 27

5 Results Tips That Will Get You Seen as a Leader

Results matter to the business and so results should matter to every employee. The employees that know this – and own this – gain credibility and visibility within their organizations. 

However, knowing a few metrics is not enough. It is critical you understand how your role moves the business forward, gain an understanding of what drives results, take personal ownership in improving them, and communicate them often. 

5 Steps to Success:

  1. Identify all the metrics and measures associated to your work
    • This can take many forms but some examples are: web page visits, email clicks, sales calls, sales call time, retention rate, foot traffic, total sales, product sales, return rate, customer experience scores, survey data, etc. 
  2. Monitor these results regularly and always ask yourself “what could I change in order to improve these?”
    • For example, if you find that your sales are high but your foot traffic is low, you could determine that the challenge is the foot traffic. You next move? Create a plan to increase foot traffic.
  3. Actively share results and your plans for improvement with key partners
    • Key partners are those that would benefit from knowing this information
    • Base your frequency of communication against how often you have substantial updates (ex: bi-weekly or monthly)
  4. When communicating your work – include relevant results and relate results towards core business objectives
    • Your digital click-through-rate doesn’t mean much unless you provide the context as to why this will make the business more successful
  5. Be able to answer the question “why is this metric x?” 
    • It’s critical to not just know the numbers but to understand what drives them

If a business isn’t actively growing it will not remain sustainable. All business leaders are carefully monitoring results to determine the next best action to improve the company’s potential. To increase your capital in the company – and be seen as a leader – make results a priority. 

Rachel Woodman has 13 years of sales, marketing, and business experience primarily within Corporate America. She loves to learn, coach, and otherwise discuss all things leadership, career, job skills, and resume building which led to the launch of @ThatCareerChic. She currently resides in Minneapolis-St. Paul.


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