5 Ways to Improve Workplace Happiness

Feeling the "Sunday Scaries" every day of the week?

This could be a sign that your "workplace happiness" needs improvement. 

Studies show that the consequences of living in a state of burnout and unhappiness could include things like weight gain, getting sick more often, isolation or damaged relationships, and a lack of sleep. 

And according to the research? You're likely one of these folks.

A global poll conducted by Gallup has uncovered that out of the world’s one billion full-time workers, only 15% of people are engaged at work. That means that an astronomical 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs.

So how to live happy, healthy, productive, career-rich lives? 

Here are five ways to put workplace happiness back into your hands:

5 Ways to Improve Workplace Happiness:

step 1

Celebrate Your Wins

Everyone has a to-do list, but have you tried a to-done (or "ta-da") list? 

At the end of your work day, take a few minutes to write the major accomplishments of the day.

It doesn’t have to be an exhaustive list - just those items you are happy to have completed or a win of the day with a customer, employee, etc.

By putting this in practice, your frame of mind will shift from focusing on everything you "didn’t get to" towards "everything you’re proud of."  

step 2

Release The Pressure

You, your team, and your job have productive days and less productive days.

Although many of us find a great deal of enjoyment and mission in our work, we can overvalue our jobs and put a lot of our emotional eggs in the job basket.

It's important to remind yourself that outside of your work you are a smart, talented, and contributing member of society. 

This reminder can help prevent you from deriving all of your happiness from your productivity, your team’s productivity, or the job itself.

By releasing the pressure to always love what you do, you actually can mentally free yourself up to truly enjoy the work.

step 3

Take a Breather

If you move at 100 miles an hour, have perfect attendance, and are always jumping in to help others, start a new project, or dig into something new then I invite you to take a breather.

On a day that is feeling particularly steep, decide to do the work required of you but not invest additional energy.

I’m not suggesting you need to be lazy or watch Netflix instead of doing your work - I’m suggesting that you don’t take on anything new for just one day.

Sometimes that level of separation clears up your mind. You might feel like you’ve had some rest. You might even identify a few ways you’ve been contributing to your workload in a way that isn’t helpful. 

step 4

Reintroduce a Commute

If you are working from home, I recommend reintroducing a commute. 

That space between home and work in the past provides us an opportunity to get energized for the day ahead or wind down after a long one.

When working from home there can be a blurred line between “work time” and “down time” so consider walking around the block as a pseudo commute.

The additional air and movement will clear your mind.

step 5

Connect Over Coffee

Decide to have a coffee break with colleagues at least once a week.

This time is to connect on a personal level and catch up in a casual way.

By meeting with colleagues in a non-work setting, you will break up the work day, encourage innovation, and build stronger connections with your partners.

Cheers to happy, healthy, productive, and career-rich lives!


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