About the Business


to create financial stability for women and their families through career support


to provide women with practical and actionable tools and strategies so that they can have the skills and confidence to navigate their workplace, better their teams, and get the promotions they deserve 

Core Values

  • Integrity - we will never use misleading advertising in order to win your business
  • Client Success - your success is the reason we’re here - you are our priority 
  • All Action - we believe in practical and actionable approaches to the real challenges you face in your career

About the Coach

Rachel Woodman started this business in 2020 when she recognized that leadership skill development and workplace navigation were the core reasons mid-level professionals were not getting the promotions they deserved. 

And she could relate, because she didn’t always have career success herself. 

One night answering phone calls for a work emergency at 1 a.m., she wondered where she had gone wrong. How her dreams of being an executive were instead met with stress, burnout, and a perpetual feeling of being undervalued. 

She had something most people she knew didn’t. She had incredible willpower, she was willing to do hard things, she was committed to excellent work, and she genuinely cared about people and the success of the companies she worked for.

But she quickly realized that hard work alone wasn’t the answer. 

Without mentors, a support network, or adequate leadership training she turned to the resources she had - books, podcasts, friends, and years of trial & error - before she finally realized the career-killing mistakes she was making. 

Excited to share all she learned, she began mentoring employees, colleagues, friends, family, and women in her community as they asked how they can navigate the workplace and meet their goals too.

Today, her career success business is designed to break down the obstacles holding mid-level career professionals back so that they can get what they deserve in months, not years.

Rachel resides in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN with her partner Hollea and their beautiful doghter, Frannie. 

When she’s not consulting, coaching, or hitting the books for her EMBA program - you can find her with her family and friends, achieving "Best Auntie in the World" status, traveling, or bingeing a book, podcast, or television show. 


  • 1000+ 1-1 coaching, training, and mentoring hours across employees, clients, and pro bono work
  • Director of Marketing for an internal communications consulting firm
  • 14+ years navigating and thriving in Corporate America in sales, marketing, and consulting leadership roles
  • Community of 47k+ professionals on her career advice social media channels
  • Master Certified Professional Coach from the Certified Life Coach Institute, an International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited School
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communication from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls
  • Earning an Executive MBA with Opus College of Business - University of St. Thomas (Grad Date: May 2024)