Welcome back!

I can't wait to visit with you on a Career Success Planning Call. 

On our call we will: 

  • Discuss your career goals
  • Identify the obstacles holding you back 
  • Discuss if a success-based coaching program is right for you

When you leave our call you will feel clear on your goals and the next steps needed to bring you success.

Learn to navigate and thrive in Corporate America so you can get promoted

Do you find yourself working harder than anyone else while the good opportunities and promotions pass you by?

Do you want to communicate like those executives you admire, but stumble when dealing with conflict?

Do you feel leadership in your soul but lack the clarity and confidence to step into it? 

I get it. 

You’re careening towards burnout and are not even sure if this career is for you anymore. 

You dream of feeling confident, clear, certain.

You can see yourself commanding a room, leading an amazing team, getting recognized for your ideas and hard work, and having a seat at the table.

But you’re worried that this future will not become possible unless something changes. 

The challenge is… 

Most companies don’t invest enough into leadership development and navigating Corporate America isn’t something you can learn about in school. 

It’s often not even something you can learn from your manager. Because not all managers make good coaches, you could be making some fatal flaws without even realizing it.

I know where you are.

I dreamed of having a great career and financial security since I was young. I threw myself into my education and work, convinced sheer willpower would be enough to get the career I wanted. 

It took me years to identify the career killing mistakes I was making, get strategic, learn effective executive communication, and begin securing the respect, promotions, and pay raises I wanted. 

Now, I share these lessons with you so that you can get objective, direct, and practical insights to level up your career.

Learn to navigate and thrive in Corporate America so you can get promoted

Together we will:

  • Unblock your inner leader so that you never feel lost in the workplace
  • Bust confidence blocks so that you can take smart risks that bring more opportunity
  • Build your leadership presence so that you get recognized by the right people for the opportunities you want
  • Learn communication strategies so that you can connect, inspire, and motivate others
  • Grow conflict resolution skills so that you can lead through any situation
  • Conquer stress, overwhelm, and burn out through prioritization strategies that allow you to work less hours without sacrificing productivity
  • Get clear on your mission and career path so that you can make your time count towards your future
  • Build management skills like prioritization, decision making, strategy, alignment, change management, and communication so that you can elevate your effectiveness and your personal brand
  • Discuss your limiting workplace challenges so that you can get practical career guidance that works

How we’ll accomplish it:

  • Kick-off call with me so that we can tailor a plan to your goals and obstacles 
  • Weekly or bi-weekly live coaching sessions so that you can get objective and targeted guidance
  • Messaging support between sessions so that you never get stuck
  • Homework tailored to your goals so that you can get results quickly

What clients are saying about the career success program

It was exactly what I needed to jump start my career




I’ve been lucky to be managed by great people in the past but as an introvert I didn’t know if I had what it takes to lead a team.

Rachel’s career coaching really allowed me to see just how qualified I am for a leadership position. It was something I was genuinely insecure about and she really made me feel that I could take on a leadership position tomorrow. 

She also found ways for me to turn my perceived weaknesses into strengths through targeted homework that helped me fix some of these not-so-positive behaviors that held me back in the workplace.

Call it serendipity or divine intervention - it was exactly what I needed to jump start my career.

So many practical tips and tools to use




There's a lot of coaches out there with all this fluffy crap and it doesn't really help you.

It's like how do you put it into practice?

But Rachel has so many practical tips and tools to use. 

You're able to see improvement very quickly because for every problem she has tools that you can immediately go and use to get results immediately. 

I feel like I have my power back and I can stand in my power now. I'm no longer being manipulated by a toxic environment. 

She helped me find wisdom within myself



new jersey

I needed someone to take a look at my thought process who was an unbiased onlooker and could take a look at my situation.

In addition to the education Rachel provided, her workbooks asked deep and insightful questions that led me to true breakthroughs. 

She helped me find wisdom within myself, have the realization and understanding, and then turn around and apply it the next day. 

And that's the immediacy we want.