Career Success Coaching

I partner with ambitious women who are stuck in their careers so that they can become the leader they’ve always dreamed of. 

Hey, Career Chic. 

Congrats on making it to this stage in your career journey. 

Your focus, determination, and will-to-succeed is to credit for you being here now. 

That’s big. 

So why did you go from “flying high” on adrenaline and ambition to feeling “ugh” about your next steps? 

Maybe it’s because you chose a stressful role. 

Or because this recent leadership change is "just going through a rough patch." 

Could it be because of your long hours? 

The billion meetings?

Or the lack of recognition?

Perhaps the office politics has got you down?

Or maybe it’s because it’s time to approach your career in a new way.

With decades left in your career, are you willing to continue feeling stuck and uninspired? 

Or are you ready to step into the leader you know you were meant to be?

Someone who isn’t an old-fashioned, narrow-minded, corporate robot. 

Someone who is unique, authentic, has a mission, and wants to make an impact. 

So if you are tired of …. being tired.

And ready to open your next chapter, let’s chat!

Together, we can discover what’s holding you back, develop a plan, and unblock your inner leader. 

What if...

  • You had the clarity and confidence to be the authentic leader you were meant to be?
  • You knew exactly what to do to advocate for yourself, gain respect, and establish yourself for that next promotion?
  • You no longer lost sleep and hours of fun with your friends & family because you could finally breathe?
  • You had the career, pay, and recognition that you deserve?
  • You gained control and a sense of mission & purpose in your life?

how rachel can partner in your success:

  • Private Coaching Program

  • career Mentorship Program

  • Strategy Session

Private Coaching Program

Feeling stuck or unsure of your next steps? Know you're destined to be a leader but find yourself mired in the day-to-day? With coaching we will uncover what’s holding you back, define your authentic leadership style, and leverage your power to make the impact of your dreams.

What clients are saying about Rachel's programs...

It was exactly what I needed to jump start my career




I’ve been lucky to be managed by great people in the past but as an introvert I didn’t know if I had what it takes to lead a team.

Rachel’s career coaching really allowed me to see just how qualified I am for a leadership position. It was something I was genuinely insecure about and she really made me feel that I could take on a leadership position tomorrow. 

She also found ways for me to turn my perceived weaknesses into strengths through targeted homework that helped me fix some of these not-so-positive behaviors that held me back in the workplace.

Call it serendipity or divine intervention - it was exactly what I needed to jump start my career.

So many practical tips and tools to use




There's a lot of coaches out there with all this fluffy crap and it doesn't really help you.

It's like how do you put it into practice?

But Rachel has so many practical tips and tools to use. 

You're able to see improvement very quickly because for every problem she has tools that you can immediately go and use to get results immediately. 

I feel like I have my power back and I can stand in my power now. I'm no longer being manipulated by a toxic environment. 

She helped me find wisdom within myself



new jersey

I needed someone to take a look at my thought process who was an unbiased onlooker and could take a look at my situation.

In addition to the education Rachel provided, her workbooks asked deep and insightful questions that led me to true breakthroughs. 

She helped me find wisdom within myself, have the realization and understanding, and then turn around and apply it the next day. 

And that's the immediacy we want.


Do you coach people who do not work in a traditional "Corporate America" environment?

Absolutely. Our clients come from small businesses, family-owned companies, private, non-profit, and public entities, etc.

The content we cover is focused on leadership skills, leadership dynamics, workplace culture,  career development, self-advocacy and more.

Some of the resources will refer to "Corporate America" as most of our clients are from this space.

What does a coaching program with you look like?

This varies based on the program.

Typically, 1:1 clients have 60 minute coaching sessions, on-demand messaging in-between sessions, and homework in-between sessions.

The number of sessions, weeks or months of the program, etc. are designed with your specific needs in mind.

Book a call and we can discuss what is best for you and your career.

I'm entry-level and unsure of what career I want, where should I start?

I recommend starting by downloading the 5 Must Have Skills to Land the Job freebie. This will get you grounded on those core skills to focus on while you investigate your next steps. 

Psssst.... plus there's a special offer for career-unsure folks that will be offered to you when you register for that download.

What are your rates for coaching?

Coaching rates are competitive and dynamic based on the unique program we build together for your goals.

Some folks need a few sessions to tackle a particular challenge while others need long-term support.

Some need high-touch support while others need a more hands-off approach.

That in mind, the majority of our clients select a $1500 package which includes (6) 60-minute sessions over 3-months, on-call support, and personalized "homework" between sessions.

During the consultation call, we'll discuss your particular needs, if the program is a fit for you and what payment options are available.

If you are in critical need of career development support but lack the financial circumstances to invest in a program, you can apply for our grant program here.

I think I have another question not answered here...

If your question involves coaching support, hop on the calendar to chat live with Rachel. You can do that here. 

If unrelated to coaching, you can send an email to