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Gain clarity on your career and identify the best steps to take TODAY so you can get there quickly in this online course. 

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The Jump Start Your Career Package

Do you feel like your career was meant to be more?

Do you feel unsure of the exact steps to take in order to get to that next level?

Maybe you're not even sure what do in the next year to see change?

Or if the position you're in or want is the exact right one for you?

Then I have something for you. 

And for the next 15 minutes, you can purchase it for just $14.

The Jump Start Your Career Package is exactly what you need to break through decision fatigue and is-this-even-what-I-wanted-to-do confusion so that you can have the career you've dreamed of.

What's Included:

Career Exploration Guide

Unsure of what your career destination is? Or just wonder if it's the right one for you? This detailed guide will help you identify the work that you would truly enjoy and what careers would be best for you so that you can gain the validation you need to move forward.

Level Up Your Career Plan

Our time is limited, so let's not spend another minute focused on activities that will not bring you towards your career goals. If you have one ideal role, or several, this step-by-step career plan will banish procrastination, bust analysis paralysis, and leave you feel energized with a 12-month personalized career plan covering all facets of your development.

Bonus: Gain Career Clarity Video Training

Learn the importance of gaining clarity for your career and the steps to do so in this concise and impactful 20 minute video training.

Bonus: Leadership Brand Video Training

What is a "leadership brand” and how do you know if you have it? Learn the characteristics that leadership teams look for in those they wish to join their ranks, if you have those qualities, and how to establish yourself for that next promotion. This condensed video training is 30 minutes.

Hi, Rachel here. 

I'm a skilled Corporate America navigator from my 14+ years of experience and 1000+ hours of coaching professionals. 

When I'm not consulting or hitting the books for my MBA, I'm helping others navigate their careers through my success-based coaching business and online products. 

As an ambitious woman, I saw some success early in my career through my sheer willpower. 

But then I hit a wall.

I got stuck. 

Years, and a ton of frustrations and failures later, I identified the career-killing mistakes I was making. The mistakes that kept me - a top performer - from being considered for higher-level leadership positions. 

Now, I get to help other professionals navigate and thrive in Corporate America so that they too can get the recognition and opportunities they deserve. 

"Her workbooks asked deep and insightful questions that led me to true breakthroughs."



"Rachel has so many practical tips and tools to use. I feel like I have my power back."



“This has been so helpful in helping me retain my humanity and my me-ness in the office!!” 




I have no idea what I want to do in my career, will this package be a fit for me?


You'll start with the Career Exploration Guide which will help you gain clarity on which career paths are best for you through a series of self-reflections and recommendations.

Then you'll move to the Level-Up Career Plan to begin charting your course.

Finally, you'll be able to watch the Gain Career Clarity and Leadership Brand Training Videos so that you can further your current success and future prospects.

I know what my ideal role is, would this package be a fit for me?

Congrats on knowing your ideal role. That is half the battle!

You would find the most value from the Level-Up Your Career Plan and Leadership Brand Training Video.

The Level-Up Career Plan will break down everything to consider and prioritize to move towards your ideal role so that you don't waste time focused on the wrong activities.

The Leadership Brand Training will break down how to maximize your current role, prepare for the next one, and avoid any brand-busters along the way.

Although the Career Exploration Guide is intended for people who want additional validation or guidance in their career path - you may wish to also explore this to deepen your level of clarity within your career and other aspects of your life.