What You Really Need to Get Promoted

Have you ever been passed up for a special project or promotion? 

Or maybe you don’t seem to get the recognition that you know you deserve? 

Even though you:

  • Are the hardest working person you know
  • Believe fiercely in the company and the team
  • And bring a level of commitment that people rarely have?

If so then it's possible that you (like many others... including myself) have fallen into the trap of not focusing on the right skills and approaches you need in order to truly move ahead. 

If this sounds familiar then my What You Really Need to Get Promoted Training is for you. 

In this free 20-minute video training, I will break down how to get promoted without relying on your manager even if you don’t participate in "office politics"

This is the exact training I wish someone would have given me earlier in my career. 

You see, I was (and still am) dedicated to my career.

I brought a level of ambition and focus that many people don’t have in the workplace. 

But I couldn’t move up. 

And I didn’t know why. 

What I didn’t realize was that I was focused on the wrong things and, as a result, was sabotaging my career

So I’ve compressed my years of mistakes, failures, and lessons learned into my coaching programs and products to help mid-level career professionals navigate and thrive in Corporate America so that they can get promoted. 

This training is a crash course into what really woke me up and led me to create massive change in my career. 

And it’s what led my clients to see the type of change they were dreaming of in their career within months… not years.

So, if you want to know what the necessary steps are for you to go from stuck and stressed to overwhelming success then join me in this free training.

Hi, I'm Rachel.

I live in Minneapolis-St. Paul and spend my days consulting, coaching, and earning my Executive MBA.

With limited resources in my childhood and early career, I worked to overcome obstacles through sheer willpower.

It took me several years to recognize the career killing mistakes I was making, improve my brand, and begin getting the opportunities – and promotions – I wanted most.

I developed this business out of a passion to provide the guidance I didn’t have early in my career so that others could spend less time hitting roadblocks and more time doing things that rock.

If you are looking for practical steps to establish yourself as a leader and take charge of your career then you’ve come to the right place.

There is a path out of feeling overwhelmed, undervalued, and unclear.

Join me in this free training to learn what you really need to get promoted.