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Supercharge your workplace confidence through thought prompts, confidence strategies, and mind hacks that Rachel and her clients use to unlock their potential.

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Supercharge your workplace confidence eBook

Hey Career Chic, 

Do you find yourself stressing over the tiniest details at work because you want to do an amazing job and take your career very seriously? 

Then this resource may help you remove the roadblocks keeping you from being your best! 

And for the next 10 minutes, you can download - and immediately access - the exact strategies, I - and my clients - have used to overcome confidence hurdles for just $4

What's Included in your eBook:

Clarify your confidence goals

Thought prompts that allow you to better understand your relationship to confidence so that it stops holding you back from career achievements

Overcome confidence gaps

The exact strategies that I, and clients of mine, have used to build confidence and overcome the following challenges: 

  • feeling under-qualified for the job you're in
  • being uncertain about your job performance
  • experiencing anxiety when speaking up in meetings
  • worrying excessively about making mistakes
  • getting overwhelmed by critical (painful) feedback
  • managing anxiety when dealing with tough critics/ difficult people

Free yourself from fear

How to tap into the REAL REASON you struggle with confidence and exactly what steps you can take to take control of this internal stress when it comes your way

Instant Access After Purchase:

What's Included:

  • Beautiful, and practical, 88-page PDF eBook that you can access, download, and use at-your-own-pace to strengthen your inner confidence
  • The exact strategies that I, and clients, have used to conquer common confidence challenges
  • Approaches that help you navigate the answer within yourself so that you can apply the strategies that really work and really work for you

Hi, Rachel here. 

I'm a skilled Corporate America navigator from my 14+ years of experience and 1000+ hours of coaching professionals. 

When I'm not consulting or hitting the books for my MBA, I'm helping others navigate their careers through my success-based coaching business and online products. 

As an ambitious woman, I saw some success early in my career through my sheer willpower. 

But then I hit a wall.

I got stuck. 

Years, and a ton of frustrations and failures later, I identified the career-killing mistakes I was making. The mistakes that kept me - a top performer - from being considered for higher-level leadership positions. 

Now, I get to help other professionals navigate and thrive in Corporate America so that they too can get the recognition and opportunities they deserve. 

"Her workbooks asked deep and insightful questions that led me to true breakthroughs."



"Rachel has so many practical tips and tools to use. I feel like I have my power back."



“This has been so helpful in helping me retain my humanity and my me-ness in the office!!”