Hi, UConn! 

Kelly Walters Kennedy sent me.

What is the key difference between: 

  • Those that land the job versus get a "thanks for applying" letter? 
  • Those that thrive in the workplace and move up versus find themselves stuck? 
  • Those that skip entry-level versus find themselves in smaller roles? 

In business, it's often the ability for an employee to demonstrate effectiveness through additional skills beyond the textbook. 

In this video, I break down the 3 Must-Have Skills to Land the Job You Want. 

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Rachel Woodman leads a national marketing team for a global technology company and owns a career coaching business focused on helping mid-level career professionals navigate the workplace. She specializes in insider tips that demystifies workplace cultures and practical advice that anyone can apply today for immediate progress. Learn more about Rachel at www.thatcareerchic.com and follow her on TikTok under the handle @ThatCareerChic.