Unblock Your Inner Leader eCourse

Do you want to identify the leadership and workplace communication skills you need to be a successful, gain the confidence to enter any room, and finally land the promotion you desire?

Then it might be time for you to consider the Unblock Your Inner Leader eCourse.

Here you will receive action-based workbooks, video trainings, and other perks to get you results immediately.

Leadership Development Program

Do you.... 

Work harder than everyone else but don't seem to get the same opportunities? 

Get the feeling that the workplace came with a rule book that no one ever told you about? 

Know that you were meant for more and want the respect, opportunities, and promotions that you know you deserve?

What if... 

You had the clarity, confidence, and practical skills to be more effective in your job? 

You became the workplace communication wizard that could summit any challenging relationship or complex situation?

You knew exactly what to do to advocate for yourself, gain respect, and establish yourself for that next promotion? 

You no longer lost sleep and hours of fun with your friends & family because you could finally breathe? 

You gained control and a sense of mission & purpose in your life?

practical & actionable guidance at-your-own-pace 

Unblock Your Inner Leader Workbook | Break through mental clutter, gain clarity on your natural leadership style, and identify obstacles that prevent you from leveling up so that you can be the leader you want to be starting today.


Hack Your Workplace Culture Workbook | Learn how decisions are really made in your workplace and get your ideas heard through a review process that will show you all the unwritten rules no one ever told you about.

Navigating Office Politics Video Training | Have you found navigating office politics to be unclear or challenging? This is because the workplace culture has its own norms and practices - and no two workplaces are the same. The truth is that not being able to navigate the workplace will absolutely hold you back in your career… But… You don’t need to sacrifice your values or be someone you’re not in order to move forward. This training details common workplace themes and how to work with them.


How to Give & Get Critical Feedback While Winning Partners Workbook  | Learn strategies to give and receive feedback so that you can increase your workplace influence and connection with others.

Career Killing Mistakes Video Training | There's a difference between being an "employee" and being a "leader." And it's not just having the right skills but also actively demonstrating these skills so that those around you see you as the right fit for more responsibilities, opportunities, and promotions. In this training we will cover several career mistakes professionals make that can set them back in their pursuit of more.

Bonus: Professional Communication Review Checklist  | Review important communication channels in the workplace and identify personal strengths and opportunities so that you can establish yourself as a professional and improve your brand.


Strategies to Resolve Workplace Conflict Workbook  | Learn how to objectively review workplace challenges and apply conflict resolution strategies in a way that gains you respect.


More Success with Less Stress Workbook | Get clear on how to speak the leadership language that will allow you to greater prioritize and set boundaries so that you can gain more time back and reduce stress without being viewed as "not a team player."


Building Workplace Influence Workbook | Get the step-by-step breakdown of why some leaders are listened to while others are not. Learn practical strategies to build raving fans and allies in the workplace so that you can effect the change you know your organization needs.

Building Trust & Influence in the Workplace Video Training | Building trust and influence is critical to getting your ideas heard and making a larger impact in your organization. If you want to win people over to your great ideas but feel you lack the authority or respect by others in order to do so then this training is for you.


Advocate Your Way to Recognition & Promotions Workbook  | Learn strategies to advocate for yourself in the workplace so that you can get the recognition and opportunities you seek without "kissing up" or "feeling political."

Self-Advocacy- Practical Tips to Career Success Video Training | Self-Advocacy is easier to say then to do - so how you can you start? In this training we’ll cover ways to speak up (even if you’re an introvert), get your name out there, and have a winning relationship with your boss.

included in your eCourse:
What's Inside:
Workplace Communication Program
  • (1) Lifetime access to the Unblock Your Inner Leader eCourse with private log-in
  • (8) step-by-step workbooks that: uncover your natural leadership style and how to be your authentic self in the workplace, teach critical leadership and workplace communication skills so that you can navigate any situation (no matter how sticky!) in the workplace, and exactly what to do to build influence and advocate for yourself in your career.
  • (4) video trainings hosted by Rachel in which she details the nuance and "gray areas" that come with a life of leadership + exactly what you need to do in order to succeed without being a Corporate Robot.
Career Success Program
Navigating Office Politics
Rachel Woodman, career coach, leadership development, programs, workplace communication

Hi, Rachel here. 

I'm a skilled Corporate America navigator from my 14+ years of experience and 1000+ hours of coaching professionals. 

When I'm not consulting or hitting the books for my MBA, I'm helping others navigate their careers through my success-based coaching business and online products. 

As an ambitious woman, I saw some success early in my career through my sheer willpower. 

But then I hit a wall.

I got stuck. 

Years, and a ton of frustrations and failures later, I identified the career-killing mistakes I was making.

The mistakes that kept me - a top performer - from being considered for higher-level leadership positions.

Now, I get to help other professionals navigate and thrive in Corporate America so that they too can get the recognition and opportunities they deserve.


  • 1000+ 1-1 coaching, training, and mentoring hours across employees, clients, and pro bono work
  • Director of Marketing for an internal communications consulting firm
  • 14+ years navigating and thriving in Corporate America in sales, marketing, and consulting leadership roles
  • Community of 47k+ professionals on her career advice social media channels
  • Master Certified Professional Coach from the Certified Life Coach Institute, an International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited School
  • Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communication from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls
  • Earning an Executive MBA with Opus College of Business - University of St. Thomas (Grad Date: May 2024)

I have [role] in [industry], is this course right for me? 

This course is designed for mid-level career professionals who need support navigating and thriving in a corporate environment so that they can get the recognition and promotions they deserve. If that describes you then you've come to the right place.

I am not sure my company is a "corporation" but I resonate with the ecourse description, can I still join?

Absolutely. I have clients in family-owned businesses and companies of varying sizes. If you need support navigating and thriving in a workplace environment then you will find success in this program. My messaging is tailored to "Corporate America" because the majority of my clients come from this arena. 

I manage people, is this program only for individual contributors? 

This program is for mid-level career professionals regardless of if they have employees or not. This program does not cover people management topics directly but what you learn can be applied to your direct team in addition to the greater organization.

Also, success runs downhill - what you are able to do for yourself with impact them positively.

I am an introvert, will this work for me? 

Absolutely! My largest success stories (including myself) are introverts. This program breaks down introvert-friendly strategies to get you to your career goals without changing who you are.

I am not in the United States, will this benefit me? 

If you work for a U.S.-based company but are stationed outside of the country then this will be a great fit.

This program is tailored to a western working culture, specifically, "Corporate America."

What is the time commitment of this program? 

This course is at-your-own pace so you can complete it over the course of weeks, months, or years.

If you are looking to complete it as soon as possible, then I would recommend setting aside 1-2 hours a week and completing it in no less than 7 weeks. This is because there are recommended exercises to do in real-time and it would be beneficial to digest the content.

This course is intended for those that want results quickly and want to put in the effort over a short period in order to see change in their careers. 

Can I request a refund? 

It's important to me that my clients feel like this program is a slam dunk for them and that I work with people who are decisive and motivated leaders as they get the best results!

That in mind, a full refund can be made within 14 days of the signed agreement less a prorated amount towards coaching services already rendered.

Spoiler Alert: You won't want one. But it's available. 

Can I meet with you 1:1?

My calendar is full at this time. 

I have another question not listed here. 

Let's chat. Send me an email at rachelwodman@thatcareerchic.com.